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It Started With Land and a Grand Plan …

Florida Gulf Coast University Fast Facts CoverFrom humble beginnings more than 20 years ago and through two decades of growth, Florida Gulf Coast University has evolved from a tiny regional University serving the local business community to a powerhouse at the state and national levels. We are a catalyst for the area’s economy and a cultural hub for the community. Our students enjoy one of the highest graduate employment rates among Florida’s universities. Our campus and region serve as a living laboratory from which life-improving discoveries emanate. And our sports teams energize the entire region. Inspiring those who inspire others — that’s The FGCU Effect.


We’ve organized our most important and interesting moments by year. Explore the beginning of FGCU and learn how it all started — before a single word left the lips of a professor to grow inside the minds of our students. On the left side of the page, you can navigate to a year that’s important to you.


Our memories section is dedicated to providing anyone connected to the University a place to share your experiences. We encourage you to share your memory, be it an experience, written word, video or image.


We’ll be hosting many events on and off campus as our 20th anniversary year progresses.

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